"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy"

Ludwig van Beethoven.



To communicate to the world the everlasting values of humankind.

To elevate our minds and spirits to subtle levels

above everyday life.

Let fine energies flow through us, through the music,

enriching ourselves, and sharing the artistic expression

with the orchestra and the audiences.

Enrichment of creativity and inner life,

increase of sense for the poetry in each little moment.



Discovering beauty in every detail, and in other artistic forms.

Of all forms of art, Music is the most spiritual,

the one that goes further in abstract expression,

and therefore, the most universal and subtle,

capable of expressing concepts

that are not possible to be expressed with words

or with graphic arts.

The auditive impressions vibrate in our whole bodies,

touch directly our emotional inner world,

reminiscing past experiences, sublimating the present living,

and opening new, unexpected positive paths

in our perception capabilities and in the visioning of future.


Inspires to empathy, respect, tolerance, creativity,

to a positively evolving world.